How to Find and Hire the Perfect Technology Expert

Computer Repair Near Me

Computer Repair near me seems to be pretty high up on the list of search results these days. But how does the layman go about finding good, reliable, experienced talent? Well, I’m glad you asked.

Just like you need a good auto mechanic, Doctor, Dentist or home repair guy, just about everyone needs to find the good Computer Repair company. I think it’s Murphy’s law that states something like

Computer repair complexity grows until it exceeds the ability of the average Technology expert to maintain it (don’t quote me on this).

If you’re new to computers and you haven’t yet had the misfortune of having to deal with a computer in need of repair, give it time. No matter how much you spend or how shiny it looks right now, it’s not a matter of if it will break down, it’s just when. And of course, it will happen at exactly the worst possible time. So take your time, this new found Computer repair company will hopefully be supporting you for a long time. Or at least until the Next big thing comes along.

Gone are the days of opening up your five pound book, the yellow pages, at least we hope so. No longer choosing the computer repair company that’s going to be working on your computer Or your network by the size of the ad in the Yellow Pages. Now you have a different dilemma, tons of results after a Google or Bing search for “Computer Repair Near Me” but no way to vet them. The new guy on the block could have the most appealing description yet the business actually lacks the talent to get the job done. Or looks good on paper until you get the estimate. Worse yet, when you get the system home and you still have the same problem or maybe even new ones.

We thought we would take a few minutes and try to give you a little help in finding technology service providers that you can count on. After searching the WEB to get what other professionals think on the subject, I was surprised to find that no one suggested looking at what I would think would be the most logical choice, a technology trade Association. Associations such as CEDIA, ASCII, ACRBO and the NASC have exactly the kind of company you’re looking for and they will gladly point you in the right direction when looking for that computer repair guy you so desperately need.

Full Discloser: Turns out what I think is one of the best articles on the subject is from one of my favorite trade Associations, the NASC. The National Association of Solution Providers and Channel Partners. And just maybe because I’m the author of the article.

The article is apply named: “ How to Hire the Right technology Expert”

A word to the wise: Take your time looking, creating a concise job description, and making sure the new prospective vendors know a little about your company and it’s IT objectives.

Happy Hunting!


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