BrickerBot – Now We Have to Protect Our Appliances- from Malware, What Next?

Changing default passwords on connected devices is now more important than ever!

With everyday devices, such as thermostats, security alarm systems, and now even refrigerators able be controlled from the Cloud, you know it was only going to be a matter of time before we have to worry about them. The time has come. I’ll bet, if I asked for a show of hands on how many consumers and maybe even techs (shame on you) have installed a new router, WiFi thermostat or other device without changing the default username and password, I’d see a lot of hands waiving back at me. That has to change. Brickerbot has shown it’s ugly head and the result is not pretty.

Brickerbot seeks out devices where someone has dropped the ball and not changed the default username and password setup. These credentials are now changed by the Brickerbot virus and thereby “bricking” the device. The odd thing is, once someone finds one of these wifi connected devices that stopped working, they would just assume it went bad and replace it. To get the whole scoop on the Brickerbot virus and what you can do to protect yourself, please take a minute to read Brickerbot Malware Attacks Unsecure Internet Connected Devices

Thanks for reading, if you do have any questions on how to deal with the Brickerbot virus or any type of IT concerns, please give us a call 248-473-4433.

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